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Nationwide Cover
All of our warranty products provide nationwide cover so whether you upgrade to our Premium Lifetime Warranty or stick with the free of charge six-month option any authorised repairs can be carried out in your local area. Another good reason to choose DCC.

Lifetime Warranty
Present day vehicles represent a high standard of technology and reliability, however, things do go wrong and cars can breakdown.

With a Premium or Select Lifetime Cover warranty from us, you can play it safe in case of that eventuality for the entire duration of your car ownership. Read about the options available below:

Warranty Options
Our Premium cover policy, is based on Manufacturers level of cover and offers coverage on All Mechanical and All Electrical components*, that were manufacturers' original fitted equipment, except those listed as exclusions in the policy document.

Our Select Cover Policy, is a comprehensive, named component cover**. It offers piece of mind that you are covered for breakdown of major mechanical and electrical components, that were manufacturers original fitted equipment.

Covers all the mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle that were your manufacturer’s original fitments. Except those listed below:
• All bodywork and trim, seat belts, glass, sunroof panels, fuel tank, wheels and tyres, hinges, brake facings, seized callipers
• The renewal of any clutch component due to incorrect adjustment, misuse or general wear and tear
• The clearing of fuel lines, filters, carburettors and pumps
• Air bags
• HT Leads, spark plugs, filters, wiper blades, lights and bulbs, belts, wiring looms, glow plugs
• Exhaust manifold, exhaust system, brackets, mountings and hoses, water ingress, cables
• Worn or leaking seals and cylinders
• Battery

Covers the vehicle against the breakdown of most mechanical and electrical components listed under the following headings:
• Automatic and CVT Transmissions
• Breaks
• Casings
• Catalytic converter
• Clutch
• Engine
• Manual gearbox
• Drive Axle
• Electrical system
• Engine Cooling system,
• Engine management (ECU)
• Front and rear suspension
• Fuel System
• Steering (including power assisted steering)

All are products are supplied by Autoguard Warranties and are fully insured through Fortis Insurance. * Subject to Premium policy limits ** See specific limitations in standard policy